• 5Apr

    Where to find Patient Experience resources

    The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement closes this week and as a result so will the Patient Experience network.

    They have worked on a number of programmes and developed materials that aim to support the NHS to improve patient experience, in particular: the Patient Experience Learning Programme; the Transforming Patient Experience: essential guide; and the NHS Patient Feedback Challenge. They wanted to pull together an ‘institutional memory’ and hand it over to everyone who will be working in the new landscape to improve the experiences of people who use health and social care services, their carers and their families. This book is for people with designated responsibility for improving patient experience – both as providers of services and as commissioners.

    You can download the Patient Experience Book here http://www.institute.nhs.uk/images/documents/Share%20and%20network/PEN/9340-2900792-TSO-Patient%20Experience_ACCESSIBLE2.pdf

    As the NHS Patient Feedback Challenge programme comes to an end for the nine projects it is reported that since it began in August, spread has taken place across 43 new organisations and 75 wards, services or divisions across the NHS.

    You can now find out about each project through their own film and case study, the programme has also been independently evaluated by OPM and the full report is now available for you to download. The web channel will continue for the next 12 months and the nine projects will be using this platform to continue to communicate their work as they are all planning to continue to spread and adopt their approaches, if you are interested in finding out more or downloading the materials you can do so via either of the links below: