• 20Jun

    West Midlands Health Information Week 1-7 July, 2013

    Health Information Week is a region-wide, multi-sector campaign to promote the good quality health resources that are available to the public. This should encourage partnership working across sectors and benefit all staff and the public by raising awareness of the resources that are available to them.

    In 2005, Health Information Week was held for the first time and the success of the campaign has made it an annual event in the calendar of the information staff in the West Midlands. The previous campaigns were followed by wide consultation with those who took part and feedback was gathered.  Having a multi-sectored campaign to promote quality health information fulfils some national requirements, for example:

    • Encourage partnership working and improve access to quality local information (Better Information, Better Choices, Better Health, DOH)
    • Local communities leading for health (Choosing Health, DOH)
    • Promote healthier communities (Public Libraries Impact Measures)
    • Signpost to health information (Pharmacy Contract)

    It is hoped that working together with other partners will improve the overall access to quality health resources which will benefit the public as well as staff members of the different organisations. Staff will be asked to collaborate with the other staff groups in their local area and to be creative in their ideas, eg: putting up displays where they would not normally promote their resources, holding health fairs, holding competitions and raffles to encourage participation etc.

    For more information contact Sarah Greening, Health Information Co-ordinator, NHS Health Education West Midlands, or go to: learning.nhslocal.nhs.uk