• 12Feb

    Welsh liver disease plan highlights information support and patient responsibility

    NHS Wales have launched a Delivery Plan setting out their vision for liver disease services.

    It identifies that liver services must promote early diagnosis and referral, deliver expert and high standards of care, facilitate self-management and ongoing care, support the availability of quality information and help to target research into the disease.

    The Plan is split into six themes:

    1. Preventing liver disease and promoting liver health
    2. Timely detection of liver disease
    3. Fast and effective care
    4. Living with liver disease
    5. Improving information
    6. Targeting research

    The specific aim for theme 4 is that people with liver disease are supported to manage their condition. For theme 5 it is that NHS Wales and its partners provide better information and support to people at risk of developing or already suffering with liver disease.

    The specific priorities for these themes include:

    • Facilitate the strengthening of the co-productive approach to designing services and treatment plans.
    • Improve access to specialist dietetic advice and psychological support, especially for patients with cirrhosis and chronic liver failure so that they can better self-manage their condition.
    • Encourage each health board to engage community support groups to help patients manage their condition in the community.
    • Develop information to increase public awareness of risks factors related to these conditions in a way which is specific and relevant to each of the at risk communities; this work must have as its focus the de-stigmatisation of liver disease and its causes.

    Further information can be found on the Welsh Government website here.