• 30Jan

    Welsh Cancer Patient Information Survey

    This week the Welsh Cancer Patient Information Survey report was launched. It is the first cancer patient experience survey in Wales covering all Health Boards and Trusts, and all cancer types. The project led by the Welsh Government, Macmillan Cancer Support and NHS Wales.


    Information, support and engagement are key themes explored throughout the report.  Overall, 62% of respondents stated they had been given written information about their type of cancer that was easy to understand,  whilst  only 51%  had received information on how to get financial help and benefits.71% of respondents felt they were as involved in decisions about their treatment as they wanted to be.


    There were differences of view between patients with different kinds of cancers. Patients with Breast cancer were the most likely to be positive on many questions; and the least likely groups of positive patients were in the Urology, Sarcoma, and Lung tumour groups.


    Patients with long term conditions were less positive than those patients without a long term condition, with the the largest scale differences between those with a mental health or learning disability, and those without  any long term conditions.


    There are 5 questions in the survey where patients who began treatment more than five years ago have significantly less positive views than more recently treated patients. These issues relate to care planning, some information questions, and the provision of a Key Worker.


    The survey report can be read here.