• 4Sep

    Wellbeing Our Way: National Voices POW WOW on supporting self management

    This article has been shared by Natalie Koussa, Wellbeing Our Way Programme Lead at National Voices. It originally appeared in the National Voices member newsletter and contains a summary of an event they held last  month on supporting self management, along with links to the slides from the meeting’s presentations.


    Wellbeing Our Way’s POW WOWs (shared learning workshops) bring together people working in charities and those with lived experience to develop approaches which enable people to live well. They are a great opportunity for shared learning between staff working directly with people with long term health needs, as well as those who are developing these approaches.

    “Good mixture of attendees led to full and interesting discussions” – Workshop participant
    On 26 August, Wellbeing Our Way held its Supporting Self Management POW WOW which focused on using coaching techniques to enable people to manage their long term health needs; supporting young people to self-manage; and self management in relation to the specific needs of people living with dementia. Please click here to see the agenda for the day.

    Many thanks to Barbara Babcock (Transverse Myelitis Society), Lucy Moore, Chloe Kazantzis and Dan Trew (self management uk) and George Rook (Shropshire Dementia Action Alliance) forfacilitating such diverse workshops throughout the day.

    Barbara opened the day by exploring supporting self management from a coaching perspective. The ‘Wheel of Wellness‘ was offered as a practical and reflective framework to enable people to work towards their own, individual goals. Barbara also shared findings from her research into using coaching with people living with transverse myelitis. You can see Barbara’s slides here.

    The ‘What are we already doing? What are the challenges?’session gave an opportunity to share the existing ways in which organisations support people to manage their long term conditions, alongside aspirations and challenges in this area.Please click here to see the table notes.

    self management uk’s session focused on some of the specific ways in which young people can be enabled to develop the confidence, skills and knowledge needed to manage their long term health needs better. Chloe and Dan offered powerful reflections on their self management journeys, and the ways in which support for self management has enabled them to live their lives in the ways which matter to them. Click here for the slides.

    Through an emotive combination of personal experience and examples of good practice, George considered what it means to live well with dementia, and how people can be enabled to do so. George’s slides are here.

    The first meeting of the Supporting Self Management community of practice will be held at 2-4pm on Tuesday 29 September. The community of practice aims to make real headway in developing some of the ‘more than medicine’ approaches we know can enable people to manage their health needs and live well. Please get in touch with Natalie if you would like to join the community.