• 27Apr

    Webex on the principles of The Information Standard – 24th May 2017

    The Information Standard will be running a webex session on 24th May 2017 which is a follow up to The Information Standard workshop held in February 2017 focusing on the principles of The Information Standard and how to put them into practice.

    This webex will help current applicants and recently joined members understand what The Information Standard is, the Principles and Requirements which underpin the scheme, how you can achieve certification and what it means to you and your organisation when it comes to producing health information.

    This webex will be a pre-recorded presentation by Gary Conduct and Gareth Roberts and will be available from 10am on 24th May to listen online or to download.

    If you are interested in accessing this presentation please email us at england.informationstandard@nhs.net so we can register your access to the webex.