• 20Jan

    Web Accessibility Guidelines’ turn 10, but still less than 10% of sites are accessible

    In 2008, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) published an important update to their guidelines aimed at making the internet a more accessible place for people with disabilities. Ten years on, Robin Christopherson of AbilityNet (some of you may remember Robin speaking at a PIF event earlier in 2018) reports that this has not made much of an impact.

    Robin states that “Today, organisations are well aware that it not only makes strong business sense to make their websites (and mobile apps, digital marketing campaigns and customer communications) inclusive to as many users as possible, but checking against the guidelines and making the necessary changes as a routine part of the development and testing process takes a little extra effort, as well as an on-going commitment to embed these additional steps into workflows. How much more? An estimated 2-5% if it’s done as a routine part of build and maintenance – which is far outweighed by the savings and extra business it brings.”