• 21Mar

    Value for Money Impact Tools

    The NSMC are running training courses on their Value for Money Impact Tool.

    The Tool helps organisations calculate the cost-effectiveness of social marketing and behaviour change programmes in five key health areas: smoking, breastfeeding, alcohol, obesity and bowel cancer.

    Created in Excel, the tools can be downloaded and used offline to allow organisations to tailor them to your particular circumstances.

    Developed in consultation with leading health economists and NICE, the tools go beyond costs to the NHS, to include wider impacts, for example costs to the local fire service from smoking-related fires, money saved by individuals from stopping smoking, or gains to employers from reduced employee absences.

    More information about the tools and their development can be found here.

    The training will take place in London. If you would be interested in finding out more about the planned training email  patrick.ladbury@thensmc.com .