• 18Sep

    Understanding and improving health literacy to address health inequalities

    Public Health England and the UCL Institute of Health Equity have published a new paper on health inequalities and health literacy.

    It is a part of a series of four new resources which include evidence and examples of practical action that can be taken at a local level to reduce health inequalities. The four papers are:

    • Local action on health inequalities: using the Social Value act
    • Local action on health inequalities: promoting good quality jobs
    • Local action on health inequalities: reducing social isolation
    • Local action on health inequalities: improving health literacy

    They are published alongside a series of written and video stories which seeks to encourage local conversations on health inequalities.

    The ‘Improving health literacy to reduce health inequalities’ paper provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of current evidence, plus case studies of good practice, and explores:

    • General literacy and health literacy
    • How many people have limited health literacy
    • How does poor health literacy affect people’s health
    • Population groups most at risk of limited health literacy
    • The potential for health literacy to improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities

    The full report can be read here. A shorter summary document is available here.