• 28Jan

    Trends in children and young people’s health

    The King’s Fund have published a blog looking at trends in the health of children and young people.

    David Buck, the author, identifies a conundrum with some important trends moving in different directions.

    For example over the past 10 years there have been steady and consistent declines in key areas of health risk-taking among children and young people, including the levels of smoking, alcohol consumption and drug taking.

    However, child obesity remains high, and children in the UK are at the bottom of the international league on a range of physical activity indicators.

    Risky health behaviours cluster in younger people just as they do in adults, with engagement in multiple risky behaviours more common in adolescents from deprived backgrounds.

    You can read the full blog, with links to relevant reports and statistics, on the King’s Fund website.

    PIF’s 2014 Guide to creating health information for children and young people can be downloaded free here.