• 18Feb

    The Topol Review on Digital Healthcare

    The government has published the report of the Topol review Preparing the Healthcare Workforce to Deliver the Digital Future.

    The review explores how to prepare the healthcare workforce, through education and training, for the use of more digital technology in healthcare. It was led by cardiologist, geneticist, and digital medicine researcher Dr Eric Topol and produced by Health Education England.

    According to the report, 90% of NHS staff will require some element of digital skills, and the entire report is guided by the principle that patients should be partners that are well-informed about health technologies.

    A panel of experts on digital medicine put together by Topol recommended the NHS should be a “trusted source of health information” and be funded properly.

    It should expand research and development in digital medicine, working closely with patients to co-create these technologies to meet their needs.


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