• 16May

    Top tips for spreading good ideas in healthcare

    The Health Foundation has published a paper examining techniques for spreading innovation and improvement. The focus is on identifying practical things that teams and organisations can do to publicise and spread new ideas and ways of working.

    The authors scanned empirical research to address two key questions:

    • What research evidence is there about the best ways to spread health care innovations and improvement?
    • What does the research evidence suggest contributes to the successful spread of a health care improvement or innovation?

    The paper presents a number of tips for spreading good practice:

    1. Get a range of people involved in both implementation and dissemination of ideas, including clinical and managerial leaders.

    2. View people as active change agents, not passive recipients.

    3. Emphasise how initiatives address people’s priorities.

    4. Target messages differently for different audiences.

    5. Provide support and training to help people understand and implement change.

    6. Plan dissemination strategies from the outset.

    7. Dedicate time for dissemination.

    8. Dedicate funds for dissemination.

    9. Make use of a wide range of approaches such as social media, opinion leaders and existing  professional networks.

    10. Evaluate the success of innovations and improvements, but also the extent of uptake and dissemination within teams, organisations and more broadly. The things that are measured tend to get more emphasis, so measuring dissemination may help to ensure that it is a priority.

    The paper can be downloaded here.