Plan well, with clear objectives – to create information that enables users to act

PlanBe very clear about what it is you are trying to achieve. Who is your information for? And what do you want your users to do once they have seen it? Make your users’ information needs and perspectives the starting point for planning your health information.

Information products can serve a variety of purposes, including to:

  • increase knowledge and aid understanding of a disease, health condition or treatment
  • support patients in making complex and difficult treatment decisions
  • support patients to take medication
  • increase ‘patient activation’
  • enable people to participate in shared decision making
  • assist in ensuring informed consent
  • facilitate and support greater self-management and self-care
  • encourage the adoption of positive health behaviours
  • promote access to screening services
  • help people identify / disclose health problems
  • improve skills in coping
  • increase confidence
  • support patients to access or signpost to sources of more information and support

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