Present information in small chunks. Try to explore only one area in each ‘paragraph’ and stick to one idea in a sentence

jigsawFor written information, long paragraphs can look daunting. Use headings and paragraph breaks to divide your information up. White space on a ‘page’ makes information easier to read.

Order your information logically. Bulleted or numbered points help break down complicated information, and assist patients to digest it. A question and answer format  can help you to divide up your information.

Why is this important?

Participants questioned whether it was necessary to have such a long and complex booklet to inform people about the screening programme: ‘This is an awful lot for people to read, this is just handed out? Hell of a lot to read isn't it?’'

Smith, S. G., Vart, G., Wolf, M. S., Obichere, A., Baker, H. J., Raine, R., Wardle, J. and von Wagner, C. , How do people interpret information about colorectal cancer screening: observations from a think-aloud study. (2013.) doi: 10.1111/hex.12117.. Health Expectations.
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