Use current, high quality research, guidelines and literature reviews

shutterstock_157121087The most appropriate evidence to use will be defined by the content you are creating. The practical resources within this section will help you identify, and know where to find, the most up to date and high quality guidelines, research and literature reviews to inform the health information you create.

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The best way to ensure that information on treatment efficacy is scientifically based and accurate is to conduct a systematic review of published reports or to base it on a review contained in a quality assured database such as the Cochrane Library

Coulter A, Entwistle V & Gilbert D., Sharing decisions with patients: Is the information good enough? (1999) 318: 318-322.. British Medical Journal.

Writers who do not conduct systematic literature searches will fail to include the most up-to-date and reliable clinical evidence

Coulter A, Ellins J, Swain D et al., Assessing the quality of information to support people in making decisions about their health and healthcare. (2006.) Picker Institute Europe.
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