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Kevin makes friends in hospital: animation for children going into hospital

Name of the project: Kevin makes friends in hospital, NHS Leeds West CCG

Date of publication: August 2014

Format: DVD, also available as animation on YouTube. If anyone would like a hard copy of the DVD please email:

What is the purpose of the health information project?

leeds ccg kevin animationTo help children and young people who need to go into hospital so that they feel less nervous as it can be daunting thought.

Who is the target audience?

Children and young people as well as their parents and carers. The resource can be used by health and care professionals or any other frontline staff working with children and young people.

How was it developed?

The DVD was developed after the CCG worked with colleagues based within Leeds Children’s Hospital to find out more about the experiences of children who’ve been treated there.

We set up an arts competition giving local kids a chance to tell us what their stay was like.

Since then we have produced a cartoon to bring to life the comments and pictures submitted by children, maybe hospitals aren’t so scary after all!

Which areas of best practice does the case study relate to?

  1. Communicate information clearly
  2. Involve users in creating information

Local children visiting the Leeds Children’s Hospital based in Leeds General Infirmary used art to tell us more about their stay.

We were expecting lots of stories about how scary the hospital might be or tales of how they were missing their family and friends.

Children DVD - all charactersWe were pleasantly surprised, that aside from maybe the odd needle, the kids enjoyed their stay and made new friends while they were on the wards.

We wanted to share their stories with healthcare professionals and the wider public, especially other children.

To do this we have produced a cartoon which captures their views and also includes an introduction from Emma Marshall, Play Specialist Team Leader at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust – a popular member of the team.

The short film features children’s experiences of hospitals brought together in an animated DVD to help give children who are about to go to hospital a better understanding of what to expect.

One in 11 children will be referred to a hospital outpatient clinic in a typical year so it is vital that we gather and listen to their experiences. This means we can continue to make hospitals welcoming places for children and young people.

Top Tip

Don’t believe the myth that you shouldn’t work with children or animals. The insight and creativity from children was inspiring (we’re still to work with animals).

You can view the animation on YouTube here.


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