• 10Sep

    Toolkit to support health information needs assessments

    The UK Health Forum has published a toolkit to help carry out health-related information needs assessments (INAs).

    ‘Undertaking an information needs assessment – a practice guide’ was created as part of a project that was funded by Public Health England from 2015-2016.

    Information and evidence that public health practitioners require to inform their work can be difficult and time consuming to find. By conducting INAs, services can ensure they are meeting user needs, address barriers to information access and use the results to support service developments.

    The toolkit has been designed to be simple to use and enables people to build their own assessment by selecting questions from the ready made question bank. It includes sections on getting started, piloting and launching your INA, and communicating the results.

    It is primarily designed for knowledge and library services, but can be used by anyone who is responsible for building and developing information products and services in public health, for example; websites, repositories, blogs, library websites, print and electronic resources.

    It can be used to carry out small or large scale assessments, for example a small local team working in weight management, the membership or staff of an organisation, a specific role within public health or a topic.

    The toolkit is available as a free download from the UK Health Forum website.