• 28Dec

    The Redbook goes digital

    The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health is working with a number of commercial suppliers to create a digital version of the Redbook. The Redbook is a record of a child’s health and development including details of tests and immunisations.

    The online version is being developed by Sitekit in partnership with Harlow Printing – who print the current book – and will be hosted by Microsoft’s HealthVault.

    All the information is the same as in the print version, but the online version will do things such as prompting for scheduling appointments, checking test results online or providing links to NHS information. It will also give parents or guardians the ability to share the record with other health professionals. Parents will be introduced to the pilot eRedbook at their health visitor’s first visit and encouraged to record information about their child’s development and progress.

    Once a professional version is available (by next May), health professionals will be given access to use the document. This will happen in conjunction with the roll out of mobile devices that are being tested for usability.

    Taken from eHealth Insider: www.ehi.co.uk