• 11Apr

    The new health and care system in England explained

    The Department of Health has published guidance explaining the role of the new health and care system which became fully operational on 1 April 2013 and sets out to deliver the ambitions set out in the Health and Social Care Act.

    NHS England, Public Health England, the NHS Trust Development Authority and Health Education England will take on their full range of responsibilities.

    Locally, clinical commissioning groups – made up of doctors, nurses and other professionals – will buy services for patients, while local councils formally take on their new roles in promoting public health. Health and wellbeing boards will bring together local organisations to work in partnership and Healthwatch will provide a powerful voice for patients and local communities.

    This guidance gives an overview of

    • The role of the Department of Health in the new system
    • What the changes to the health and care system mean for patients and local communities
    • How health and care organisations will work together locally
    • How health and care organisations will work together nationally
    • How the interests of people using health and care services are protected