• 19Jul

    The Evolution of The Information Standard: details of changes to the scheme, pre-pilot and documentation

    Since it was launched in 2009, The Information Standard has grown steadily, and now has well over 200 members from the private, public and charity sectors, covering a wide range of health and care topics.

    Members have worked extremely hard to achieve Information Standard certification. However, the team at the Information Standard also realise that the process has been frustrating and laborious at times, and if The Information Standard is to survive and prosper, it needs to change.

    With that in mind, they have been working with members and partners during 2012/13 and member feedback has been clear, saying that they need to retain the robustness of the scheme but make it less onerous for Information Producers to achieve, by removing duplication and unnecessary requirements. It also needs to be easier to understand and written in everyday language.

    To that end they have developed an updated programme that will be less burdensome but still retain the high level of rigour and robustness, which we all value. However, they don’t envisage any extra work for organisations as part of this transition. In fact, the opposite – they expect Standard member’s to see a reduction in the amount of time and effort required to maintain  certification, as many of the non-value added and bureaucratic elements have been removed.

    The new programme is planned to launch in early 2014, and then all existing members will change over to it over a 12 month period. Prior to that, they are running a pre-pilot which will end in September, and then a pilot scheme which will run until January.

    A new set of documentation has been developed, which is currently in use for the pre-pilot. This includes a principles and requirements information sheet and another that outlines the steps to certification. You can see details of the new scheme and read the documentation here.