• 22Apr

    The Cancer Patient Portal: First steps towards record access for all patients with cancer – PIF Best Poster Competition Entry 2016

    At the PIF Annual Conference on Wednesday 25 May 2016 we will be holding our Best Poster Competition.  Entries to the competition will demonstrate partnership working to improve healthcare information and support.

    The best judged poster on the day, as voted for by delegates, will win a prize. Over the next few days we will be showcasing the entries to the competition. We start below with a submission from Cancer Research UK.

    You can find out more details about the conference and how you can attend here: www.pifonline.org.uk/2016-conference

    The Cancer Patient Portal: First steps towards record access for all patients with cancer

    The Cancer Patient Portal is an innovative initiative to give cancer patients secure online access to their data held by the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS) in Public Health England.

    This joint project between the NCRAS, brain tumour charity brainstrust and Cancer Research UK is the first step towards a long-term ambition to offer all cancer patients access to a comprehensive record of their diagnosis and care along with relevant supporting information.

    Our evaluation of the pilot phase of the project, which ran from July 2014 to March 2015 found an uptake rate of 24% (95% cl: 19-29%) among patients offered the portal by their clinical teams.

    By the end of January 2016, 116 patients had requested access to their records and 81 had accessed them, therefore 70% had completed the process of accessing their records.

    Patient feedback has highlighted that patients generally welcome being able to access the information in this way and would recommend the Patient Portal to others.

    Presenter: Neesa Mangalaparathy, Clinical Operations Manager
    Organisation: Cancer Research UK