• 31Jan

    Tender opportunity: Evaluating PiF’s Case for Information report

    The Patient Information Forum (PiF) is looking for an individual or organisation to undertake an evaluation of our recent report, The Case for Information.

    In March 2012, PiF secured a grant from the Department of Health to develop of a range of new resources, services and tools for the consumer health information sector, aimed at improving the standard and reach of information for patients and the public.

    One of the key aims for year one of the grant was to build a robust case for the benefits of (quality) consumer health information; a Case for Information.

    The purpose of producing the Case for Information was twofold:

    • To provide an evidence base for health information: For the first time, to bring together the evidence which shows that providing information to patients and the public is beneficial
    • To demonstrate to healthcare professionals, provider managers, commissioners, policy makers and regulators simply and directly why investment in health information is worthwhile, and why it should be a priority.

    The project took place between January and May 2013 and culminated in the publication of a report called Making the Case for Information. The report, and its key findings were disseminated to a wide range of stakeholders and interested parties.

    The report has been in the public domain for six months and anecdotal evidence tells us that on the whole it has been well received. We know that organisations and individuals have used the report for a variety of purposes. However, a more formal evaluation of the report and its impact is now needed.

    The evaluation should explore the following aspects:

    • Who read the report and used it – were these people new to PiF and if so what was their impression of the organisation?
    • What they thought of the report; good and bad and anything they felt was missing
    • What they did with the report, if anything
    • What impact it had in terms of changing attitudes, services or practice
    • What readers of the report would like to see happen next 

    If you have recent experience of this type of evaluation, a track record of delivery and excellent writing skills we would like to hear from you. You can download a copy of the tender here: Evaluating the case for information tender.

    Submissions should be emailed to Sarah Smith, Operations Director, Patient Information Forum (operations@pifonline.org.uk) by Friday 14 February 2014. If you have questions about the tender, please email Sarah in the first instance.