• 23May

    Telehealth Services Code of Practice for Europe launched

    The European Code of Practice for Telehealth Services has launched at www.telehealthcode.eu. The Code provides a benchmark for telehealth service standards, and it supports reforms in health services. It is backed up by a new approach to assessment and accreditation.

    It supports transformations in health and care services in a way that responds to the direction set by the European Commission. The Code is concerned with lifestyles and behaviours as well as with treatments or condition management. It is as important, therefore, for the 26 year old managing her diabetes as it is to the 86 year old being supported with his dementia.

    The Code stresses that telehealth must fit with people’s needs and choices. The Code promotes a move away from top-town and technology-led service approaches. It encourages services and their staff to recognise telehealth as the means by which technologies and related services concerned with health and well-being are accessed by people or provided for them, at a distance.

    In order to be accredited, services must comply with all the applicable clauses in the Code. These clauses give particular attention to people’s personal data and to the way that services link with users and carers.

    For more information about the code visit: www.telehealthcode.eu .