• 29Aug

    Take part in CQC survey about health information and technology

    The National Information Board sets out the strategy and direction for the health and care system on technology and information. The Care Quality Commission is running a short survey on their behalf  to understand the opinions of patients, carers, the public, health and care professionals, national bodies and industry.

    They want to know what problems affect people in relation to health information and technology and how they could be solved. For example, as a patient you might want trusted information about your illness, what you can do about it, what treatment is best and what the evidence is. You might want to be able to get in contact with people in a similar situation. You may want to be able to share information about you with your carer or have more help choosing a specialist. Or, as a charity, you might want more access to health and care data or you might want recognition from national bodies to help you make the most of existing networks in the course of your work.

    The views given in the survey will to help inform a national information strategy for the NHS and other organisations interested in delivering or supporting health and social care. You can complete the survey as a user or a provider of information, technology or related services, or both. The survey is deliberately left open to give you freedom to respond as you would like to.