• 13Feb

    Tailored health information for people with fatigue in Australia: new online information prescription

    A new online tool has been launched in Australia to help facilitate discussion between health professionals and patients on the many possible causes of fatigue, and identify and address lifestyle factors that may be relevant to that individual.

    Within the fatigue information prescription patient-specific information can be customised and saved (in PDF format) and emailed to the patient or printed out during the consultation. The tool provides patient information and management tips, such as a healthy diet, drinking less alcohol and caffeine, sleep hygiene and looking after emotional and mental health.

    The tool has been developed by NPS MedicineWise, an independent, not-for-profit and evidence-based organisation that works across Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific region to positively change the attitudes and behaviours which exist around the use of medicines and medical tests, so that consumers and health professionals are equipped to make the best decisions.

    NPS MedicineWise Clinical Adviser Dr Andrew Boyden says, “The new information prescription tool provides patients with clear explanations about the association between fatigue and lifestyle, psychosocial and physical causes, or a combination of these. The tool also supports conversations about the appropriateness of diagnostic testing for fatigue.”

    You can read more about, and access, the tool here.