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  • 28Jan

    Designing with colour blind users in mind

    An estimated 1 in every 12 men and 1 in every 200 women are colour-blind. This article by Secret Stache highlights that when colour is used correctly it improves user experience, influences purchasing decisions, and reflects a brands voice. The article shares 7 ways you can improve a website’s accessibility and experience for colour-blind users.  It also provides…

  • 22Nov

    Being creative and accessible is tricky

    Garry, Creative Director at web design company, Cole AD, discusses how we can make websites more accessible. “If we make the website accessible, is it going to be bland and cost a fortune to build?” We get asked this question often, but thankfully there is a change in attitude towards accessible website design. For those…

  • 8Nov

    Websites and apps: How to make accessibility user-friendly

    From an article by Katherine Talbot, senior accessibility and usability consultant at AbilityNet We’ve had many years of experience in making websites and apps more accessible for our clients across a range of sectors, from banks to airports, charities and government. Sometimes clients are unclear about the difference between usability and accessibility. And, it can…

  • 20Sep

    Use and the Users of a Patient Portal: Cross-Sectional Study

    Patient portals offer patients access to their medical information and tools to communicate with health care providers. It has been shown that patient portals have the potential to positively impact health outcomes and efficiency of health care. It is therefore important that health care organizations identify the patients who use or do not use the…

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