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  • 23Sep

    Role for nurses to provide information and advice in dementia care

    The Department of Health have published a new strategy and vision for the role of nurses in the treatment and support of people with dementia. ‘Making a difference in dementia’ recognises the importance of supporting patients, carers and their families to learn more about dementia, self-management, and options for treatment, care and support. It states…

  • 14Feb

    Too posh to wash? Reflections on the future of nursing

    This report from 2020health has contributions from a former nurse of the year, first president of the Nursing and Midwifery Council, International award winning Professor of Dementia, charities, educators, and members of the public with a foreward by the Staffordshire MP Jeremy Lefroy. Through commissioning a number of articles from a range of practitioners and…

  • 15Jun

    Research: Internet based vascular risk factor management for patients with vascular disease

    The objective of this research was to investigate whether an internet based, nurse led vascular risk factor management programme promoting self management on top of usual care is more effective than usual care alone in reducing vascular risk factors in patients with vascular disease. Participants received either a personalised website with an overview and actual status of their risk factors and mail communication via the website with a nurse practitioner for 12 months or usual care. Results showed that an internet based, nurse led treatment programme on top of usual care for vascular risk factors had a small effect on lowering vascular risk and on lowering of some vascular risk factors in patients with vascular disease.

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