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  • 18Sep

    Tailored support should be offered to those affected by suspected suicide

    People bereaved or affected by a suspected suicide should be given information and offered tailored support, according to NICE. Its quality standard on suicide prevention, published on World Suicide Prevention Day 2019, covers five key ways to reduce suicide and help people bereaved or affected by suicide. NICE said those who are bereaved or affected by a suspected…

  • 28Aug

    NICE chief executive to stand down

    The chief executive of NICE has announced his intention to stand down having led the organisation since it was founded in 1999. Sir Andrew Dillon will leave his post at the end of March 2020, having completed 21 years of service. His successor is now likely to implement reviews to NICE’s methodologies for health technology assessment,…

  • 7Aug

    Making use of patient preferences studies

    In this blog, senior scientific adviser Dr Jacoline Bouvy discusses how NICE is aiming to make use of patient preference studies. She outlines a two-year research project, funded by the patient charity Myeloma UK, which tested various methods of surveying patient preferences. The aim was to understand more about the way patient preference data can be collected and used…

  • 24Jul

    Good community medicines support

    The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), in collaboration with partner organisations, has launched a new initiative to encourage better medicines support for people receiving social care services in their homes. Involved & informed: good community medicines support aims to ensure the safe and effective use of medicines in the community, so people…

  • 13May

    NICE End of life care for adults: Draft guideline for consultation

    This DRAFT NICE guideline aims to ensure that people have access to end of life services in all care settings, according to their needs and wishes. It also includes advice on services for carers and other people important to adults who are approaching the end of their life. Section 1.3 specifically relates to the provision…

  • 8Apr

    NICE at 20

    This blog by Nicholas Timmins, for the King’s Fund, looks at how NICE has evolved over its 20 year lifetime.    

  • 1Apr

    NICE: Shared decision making

    This document summarises the evidence base on shared decision making. It is a key therapeutic topic that has been identified to support medicines optimisation. It is not formal NICE guidance. This is a new topic for the 2019 update of medicines optimisation: key therapeutic topics.    

  • 24Feb

    NICE provides first scientific advice on patient preference study design

    NICE has provided its first piece of advice on the design of a patient preference study. It aims to encourage more companies to seek its advice on the development of these studies which are designed to capture patients’ views so they can be used in the clinical development programmes for new treatments. The pilot with Novartis looked…

  • 21Jan

    NICE guideline on Shared Decision Making – Draft scope open for consultation

    The draft scope for the NICE guideline on Shared Decision Making is now open for consultation. We hope that your organisation will submit comments on the draft scope; it is a valuable opportunity to ensure that the guideline considers issues important to your members. The consultation page contains the documents, background papers and instructions on how…

  • 13Dec

    Evidence standards framework for digital health technologies

    NICE has worked with partners to develop standards that ensure new technologies are clinically effective and offer economic value. The aim of these standards is to make it easier for innovators and commissioners to understand what good levels of evidence for digital healthcare technologies look like, while meeting the needs of the health and care…

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