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  • 21Jan

    Handbook to the NHS Constitution

    This handbook is designed to give the public, patients, carers, families and NHS staff all the information they need about the NHS Constitution for England. The handbook covers: NHS values and the principles that guide the NHS explanations of the rights and pledges in the NHS Constitution legal sources of patient and staff rights the roles…

  • 17Apr

    Boost for children’s understanding of healthcare rights

    The National Children’s Bureau and the Council for Disabled Children have published information on what every child and young person should expect from health services in England, revealing their first-hand experiences of using the NHS and their views on how the NHS Constitution – where their rights and entitlements are set out – could be improved. Two…

  • 13Dec

    Report published on patient and public involvement in NHS constitution

    The All Party Parliamentary Group on Patient & Public Involvement in Health and Social Care and the Patients Association has published its NHS Constitution Inquiry. Over the last twelve months, the Patients Association, as part of its role as the Secretariat to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Patient and Public Involvement in Health and…

  • 23Jul

    The NHS Constitution: Survey for carers and people who use services

    The NHS Constitution Team at the Department of Health is exploring how the NHS Constitution can be given greater impact, with a specific focus on ensuring patients are able to get their rights. To help with this work, they are interested in finding out from you which of the rights set out in the NHS…

  • 5Apr

    NHS Constitution updated, including information elements

    An updated NHS Constitution has been published following a consultation that sought views on a number of proposed changes. Important areas improved in the NHS Constitution include: patient involvement feedback duty of candour end of life care integrated care complaints patient information staff rights, responsibilities and commitments dignity, respect and compassion The Department of Health have…

  • 9Nov

    NHS Future Forum sets out ways to strengthen NHS Constitution

    Recommendations for strengthening the NHS Constitution have been outlined by the NHS Future Forum to the Secretary of State. The Future Forum identifies three ‘essential steps’ for the NHS Constitution to make a difference in the NHS; awareness must be raised dramatically among public, patients and staff; the Constitution must be clearer about what happens when the NHS falls short of people’s rights or expectations; and the content needs updating and reinforcing in specific areas.

  • 6Jul

    Report shows public awareness of the NHS Constitution remains generally low

    A report on the effect of the NHS Constitution on patients, staff, carers and members of the public has been published by Health secretary Andrew Lansley this week. The report will inform efforts to fully embed the Constitution throughout the NHS. Public awareness of the Constitution remains generally low and there is little evidence that patients use it as a means of exercising their rights. In general, patients do not use the NHS Constitution as a benchmark for challenge and this suggests that the Constitution is not yet having the effect originally intended. Staff awareness of the NHS Constitution is significantly higher than among the public but still few feel well informed about it.

  • 25Apr

    Government announces independent group to look at impact of NHS Constitution

    Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has today announced the formation of a new independent expert panel which will contribute to a Government report on the NHS Constitution. The NHS Future Forum Working Group on the NHS Constitution, which met for the first time this week, is made up of medical professionals, patient champions, staff representatives and charities. The Future Forum group will explore whether there is any scope for strengthening the NHS Constitution to support high quality services for patients. A public consultation later this year will give patients and staff the opportunity to have their say about what can be done to improve and reinforce the Constitution.

  • 16Mar

    NHS Constitution to be reviewed and strengthened

    An independent group has been set up by the Government to review the NHS Constitution, with a view to strengthening it. The NHS Future Forum Working Group on the NHS Constitution includes health and social care professionals and representatives of charities, patients’ groups, trade unions, and the private sector. A public consultation later this year would give patients and staff the chance to express their views on how to reinforce and improve it. Any amendments would then come into effect by April 2013.

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