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  • 10May

    Improving health outcomes by tackling health literacy: NHS Scotland focus

    43 percent of working-age adults will struggle to understand instructions to calculate a childhood paracetamol dose. Widespread low health literacy is a key reason why. Patient support consultancy Anatomy Health interviewed Blythe Robertson, Policy Manager for the Scottish Government to discuss how tackling health literacy has been at the core of NHS Scotland’s work to better serve patients, and what pharma…

  • 3May

    The Power of Words in Healthcare: A Patient-Friendly Lexicon

    Top 10 List #WordsDoMatter Project Language has a magical influence on the lives we lead, with an impact on our thoughts, emotions, and/or actions. The words we use are one of the most potent ingredients in the science of language. Words have the power to heal, guide and motivate. They can confuse, mislead, and even…

  • 19Apr

    TIPS: Making Numbers Make Sense

    Health information is filled with numbers. This includes concepts of quantity, time, and risk. But many people struggle to understand such numbers. This month’s Health Literacy How-To Tip from Health Literacy Consulting has ways to communicate numbers that can help others better understand. Some how-to tips also have links for you to listen and learn more. Quantity: Confirm which measurement system to use,…

  • 12Apr

    Systematic Review: The Effectiveness of Self-Management Interventions for Individuals with Low Health Literacy and/or Low Income

    This is a descriptive systematic review from the Journal of General Internal Medicine. With the burden of chronic illness increasing globally, self-management is a crucial strategy in reducing healthcare costs and increasing patient quality of life. Low income and low health literacy are both associated with poorer health outcomes and higher rates of chronic disease. Thus,…

  • 22Feb

    Communities and Health – an Explainer

    Communities and population health is one of the King’s Fund’s strategic themes. The role of communities in improving health is receiving increasing, and long overdue, attention in health policy and practice. Stronger recognition of the role communities can play and greater involvement are needed if there is to be a successful move to population health…

  • 22Feb

    How public libraries have a vital role in boosting the health and wellbeing of Scots

    The importance of supporting a health-literate nation has been recognised at the highest levels, with Scottish Government policies such as Making It Easier: A Health Literacy Action Plan for Scotland, committing to improving health information and promoting self-management to give people more control over health-care decisions. The role public libraries play in supporting individuals and…

  • 16Feb

    The people most in need of health information struggle most to understand what they receive.

    Up to 61% of working age adults do not routinely understand health information. This makes self-managing health conditions extremely difficult. A new toolkit from NHS England, Public Health England, Health Education England and the Community Health and Learning Foundation has been created to help tackle these issues.    

  • 15Dec

    Health literacy event: learning from national demonstration site

    7th February 2018 Central Nottingham Venue Up to 61% of English working age adults routinely do not understand health information – not just written, but also what health professionals tell them. This directly affects their health and wellbeing. In response to this, during 2017 NHS England, Public Health England and Health Education England jointly ran…

  • 15Dec

    Health literacy toolkit provides resources to improve wellbeing

    In England 43% of working age adults do not have adequate literacy skills, and 61% do not have adequate numeracy skills, to routinely understand health information. This leads to poor health outcomes and directly affects people’s wellbeing. A useful toolkit including resources to help tackle the issue has been launched by NHS England, Health Education…

  • 30Nov

    Guidance for improving health literacy

    Making it Easier – a health literacy plan for Scotland 2017-25, published by the Scottish Government, builds on the current learning about health literacy and aims to remove and prevent barriers.  Health literacy is the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions. The new guidance…

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