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  • 11Mar

    The patient, the whole patient and nothing but the patient

    In this opinion piece published in, carer and consumer advisor Belinda MacLeod-Smith challenges us to consider crucial elements of whole patient care, and how they can be impacted by limiting factors. Belinda highlights work undertaken by Dudgeon on information and communication preferences. Simply put, this relates to how someone learns, when they’re open to…

  • 11Mar

    Can more be done to exploit health information commons and empower people with cancer?

    With over 620 UK cancer charities offering guidance and support to those affected by cancer, information abundance can be almost as much of an issue as information scarcity. In this blog, NESTA explore ways that collective intelligence can enable citizens to be active decision makers in their treatment and health outcomes.

  • 11Oct

    Designing a Patient Portal for Patient-Centered Care: Cross-Sectional Survey

    In recent literature, patient portals are considered as important tools for the delivery of patient-centered care. To date, it is not clear how patients would conceptualize a patient portal and which health information needs they have when doing so. This study aimed to investigate health information needs, expectations, and attitudes toward a patient portal and…

  • 4Oct

    Fitter Better Sooner

    The Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCOA) have launched a new patient information toolkit on helping patients preparing for surgery – Fitter Better Sooner. Having an operation is a major event in someone’s life and it’s normal for them to feel anxious about it. Fitter patients who are able to improve their health and activity levels recover…

  • 20Jun

    CQC Adult Inpatient Survey Results 2017

    Results from the Care Quality Commission 2017 inpatient survey, compared with results from surveys dating back to 2009, show gradual improvements in a number of areas. This includes patients’ perceptions of: the quality of communication between themselves and medical professionals (doctors and nurses) the quality of information about operations or procedures privacy when discussing their…

  • 24May

    New ‘Student Health App’ to support students and universities

    A newly re-designed app is now available to empower university students to take better care of their health. Providing relevant and reliable information on over 150 mental and physical health issues, the FREE ‘Student Health App’ (previously known as ‘ESC Student’ in 2016) allows students to make informed decisions about their health and helps them…

  • 8Mar

    Blog: Health and care: no stupid questions

    A blog by Deena Maggs, King’s Fund:  Health and care: no stupid questions If you could ask any question about health care, what would it be? The King’s Fund’s Information and Knowledge Services team has been responding to health policy questions for many years as part of its enquiry service. They get queries from a range of organisations and…

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