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  • 21May

    Creating a toolkit for evaluating digital health products

    In this blog, Charlotte Fontaine, describes how Public Health England is developing a toolkit to ensure that digital health products are properly evaluated right from the start of their development. Public Health England uses their own experience of developing and evaluating the Couch to 5K app as a case study.  

  • 11Feb

    Study: Evaluating the quality of health information in a changing digital ecosystem

    This study in the Journal of Internet Medical Research highlights the challenges of consumer health information seeking and the importance of developing support tools that would help users seek, evaluate, and analyze information in the changing digital ecosystem. Critical evaluation of online health information has always been central to consumer health informatics. However, with the emergence…

  • 28Jan

    PIF survey: Help PIF evaluate the impact of patient information

    The Patient Information Forum is carrying out a research project on evaluating the impact of patient information. The project has two arms, a literature review and a survey. We would like to know how you measure the impact of the information you provide and what you measure. We would be grateful if you could complete the…

  • 16Aug

    King’s Improvement Science: guide to evaluation resources

    This guide signposts to useful evaluation resources for evaluating health and social care initiatives, including quality improvement projects and programmes. This guide will help you to get a head start on planning your evaluation quickly, instead of spending your time searching for useful or relevant resources. It includes: resources to help you learn about evaluation…

  • 2Feb

    Charities can measure their impact on wellbeing

    The What Works Centre for Wellbeing has produced a practical guide for charities and social enterprises.  Whether you want to improve health, education or employment, measuring wellbeing can show you the wider impact you have on the people and communities you support. Factors affecting wellbeing include how well people feel their needs are being met, how…

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