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  • 11Mar

    Understanding the reasons people give for not using the internet

    The Good Things Foundation, Professor Simeon Yates (University of Liverpool) and BT have been working in partnership to conduct research into understanding motivational barriers of non-users of the internet. The primary purpose was to better understand the specific reasons people in the UK give for being offline, in greater depth and granularity than currently available…

  • 6Dec

    The path to digital health literacy

    Excerpts from an article by pharmaphorum: That digital health could transform the way we care for people with long-term conditions is undeniable. Utilising that potential depends not just on providing the technology, but also the skills required to use it. Health Literacy Month, which ran throughout October, promoted the importance of providing understandable health information.…

  • 25Oct

    Digital Health Literacy – Key factor for the democratization of health

    This article in ICT and Health explains how the digitalization of healthcare brings brand new opportunities for patients. Experts talk about the democratization of healthcare, better access to health services, strengthening prevention and lower costs. On the other hand, many patients don’t know how to use the potential of digital solutions. Will the lack of digital…

  • 1Mar

    Digital Literacy Project

    Health Education England’s Digital Literacy Project is about improving the digital capabilities of everyone working in health and social care. The best care of all individuals is only possible if these capabilities are fully developed and exploited. Excellent digital capabilities include a positive attitude towards technology and innovation and its potential to improve care and…

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