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  • 17Aug

    New Diabetes UK information leaflets

    Diabetes UK have produced two new information leaflets for people recently diagnosed with diabetes, and those at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Both of the new leaflets are designed to give straightforward and reliable information – Are You at Risk of Type 2 Diabetes? gives information about the signs and symptoms which might suggest that you have Type 2 diabetes and Just Diagnosed with Diabetes? is an introduction to both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, as well as details of where to find more information and support.

  • 2Aug

    Web-based consultations for diabetes using Skype shows early promise

    In response to rising demand on diabetes services, poor access to care, poor health outcomes and particularly high DNA rates, the Diabetes Appointment via Webcam in Newham (DAWN) project aimed to provide more accessible and cost-effective diabetes care by replacing routine follow-up outpatient appointments for patients not requiring physical examination with web-based consultations using Skype. Early headlines show patients felt the quality of care via webcam matched that of face-to-face, they also felt more in control, DNA rates fell and patients saved time in travel and waiting – appointments could be in the office, on a smart phone, or at home for those with mobility problems.

  • 6Jul

    UK competition to develop an app for young people with diabetes

    The Diabetes App Challenge is a collaborative research project and national competition, funded by Diabetes UK, calling for the submission of apps for young people with diabetes (YPD). The aim of the project is to develop and pilot Internet applications (“apps”), running either on computers or mobile devices, for Young People with Diabetes that help focus their diabetes consultations. The research team have a number of app developers who need the help of YPD. Do you know of any YPD who may have ideas and be prepared to work with these developers (online)? If so, see the web site for more details.

  • 16Jan

    Research: Review of web-accessible tools for management of diabetes shows many are ineffective

    The objective of this research was to identify and evaluate the effectiveness, clinical usefulness, sustainability, and usability of web-compatible diabetes-related tools. Studies were included if they described an electronic audiovisual tool used as a means to educate patients, care givers, or clinicians about diabetes management and assessed a psychological, behavioral, or clinical outcome. Researchers found that most web based management tools were ineffective with a high prevalence of usability error.

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