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  • 11Oct

    Asking “What Matters to You?” Should Be an Always Event

    Always Events® are aspects of the patient experience that are so important to patients and their families that health care providers must aim to perform them consistently for every individual, every time. David McNally is leading the spread of Always Events as NHS (National Health Service) England’s Head of Experience of Care. In excerpts from…

  • 3May

    Blog: We are all the patient experience

    In the last of a series of blogs marking Experience of Care Week 2018,  Professor Jane Cummings, the Chief Nursing Officer for England, calls on everyone to continue to talk, share and be inspired: “I’ve been overwhelmed to see how much great work has been going on around the world as part of this second year of…

  • 15Mar

    Blog: I’m pro co-pro are you?

    Excerpts from a blog by Simon Denegri: I’m pro co-pro are you? The march of co-production continues – here’s the final guidance from @NIHRINVOLVE on the principles of co-production #Coproduction Truth is that co-production is emerging as an approach that looks to have increasing utility in getting people to work differently in health research. It is…

  • 30Nov

    Blog: What are we learning about co-production through self management?

    This blog by Sara Redmond, Programme Manager (Self Management and Co-production Hub), the ALLIANCE, looks at co-production as a key determinant of a culture favourable to self management. Sara explains that self management is about recognising that everyone has strengths, resources, skills and experience that support their health and wellbeing and which enables them to manage…

  • 3Aug

    Webinar recording: Co-production

    Co-production Week took place between 3-7 July 2017 and celebrates the benefits of co-production, shares good practice and highlights the contribution of people who use services and carers to developing better public services. Co-production is about working in equal partnership with people using services, carers, families and citizens. Co-production offers the chance to transform social care…

  • 21Jun

    Co-production at the heart of diabetes revolution

    Co-production is a core element of C4CC‘s vision to achieve person-centred care and C4CC partner Diabetes UK, explains how it is at the heart of a quiet revolution in diabetes care. In a blog written by Amy Rylance of Diabetes UK, Amy describes how the clinicians and people living with diabetes were hugely frustrated by the…

  • 21Jun

    SCIE co-production webinar: 6 July 2017; 3pm

    Understanding the principles of co-production is the easy bit. Actually putting co-production into practice is the difficult part. We tend to talk a lot about the definitions and values of co-production but not much about how to actually make it work in practice. This webinar on ‘Effective co-production: what are the key skills and approaches…

  • 11May

    Co-production week 2017; 3–7 July 2017

    As part of Co-production Week 2017, 3–7 July 2017, the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) is a calling for organisations and individuals to make a Co-production Commitment. The Commitment means promising to do at least one thing to support co-production. For organisations, it could be anything from doing a new co-production plan to sending some…

  • 21Apr

    Co-producing technology: harnessing digital solutions for social care

    This report is based on a recent workshop, which explored how people who use services contribute to technological design and are changing the delivery of social care. It outlines how health and social care providers must collaborate with users of services when designing apps, websites and other digital technologies.    

  • 11Nov

    Co-production week in Scotland!

    Co-production Week Scotland takes place from 14 – 20 November 2016. Its chance to highlight and promote the co-production approach, celebrate good work being done at local and national level and help create a shared vision for co-production in Scotland. During the week Co-production Scotland will be publishing a daily blog from people immersed in the…

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