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  • 13May

    The patients behind the clicks: research for the NHS App

    The NHS App is an important element of a digital first healthcare system as outlined in the new NHS Long Term Plan. In this blog, Josh Dresner, user researcher on the NHS App project, describes how patients and staff have informed the development of the app.  

  • 11Apr

    NHS App pilot research findings

    In late 2017, it was decided that the NHS would develop an app that all patients in England could use to carry out a series of important tasks, such as booking GP appointments and ordering repeat prescriptions. Since then a team of staff from NHS Digital and NHS England has been working to develop, build…

  • 28Jan

    Public rollout of NHS App begins

    Following testing on over 3,000 patients across 30 GP practices, NHS England has revealed that it will begin a public rollout of its NHS App. The app includes features that will allow patients to book and manage their GP appointments, order repeat prescriptions, and securely view their medical record. GP practices will need to review…

  • 4Jan

    Self-care apps likely among long-term plan’s top digital priorities

    Reported in the Health Service Journal, the long-term plan will likely expand the use of apps for self-care and accelerate the rollout of regional patient records, NHS Digital has said. In a paper that went to the board on Wednesday, NHS Digital said, while the plan itself had been delayed, it was “expected” to include priorities…

  • 22Nov

    More than 100 digital health and care tools evaluated against key standards for NHS Apps Library

    Approximately 120 apps are currently being evaluated by NHS Digital and two external assessors against key standards to be added to an NHS resource of trusted digital health and care tools for patients, citizens, healthcare professionals, and commissioners. The NHS Apps Library currently includes 75 different apps and tools. The assessment process, which looks at clinical safety,…

  • 4Oct

    NHS Digital enlists Orcha to help populate App Library

    NHS Digital has enlisted the help of a third-party app evaluator to speed up the number of clinically-approved tools available on the NHS Apps Library. Orcha uses a combination of manual and automated assessment processes to scour mobile app marketplaces for applications that can be safely used within clinical settings. The company conducts a ‘data scrape’…

  • 30Aug

    Digital health app development standards: a systematic review protocol

    Abstract of a BMJ Open article: There is currently a lack of clear and accepted standards for the development (planning, requirement analysis and research, design and application testing) of apps for medical and healthcare use which poses different risks to developers, providers, patients and the public. The aim of this work is to provide an…

  • 24Jan

    Asthma UK report shares how patients are using technology

    Asthma affects the lives of 5.4 million people across the UK. Every year, Asthma UK run an Annual Survey to find out about patient experiences of living with asthma and the quality of care they receive. In the 2017 edition of the Annual Survey, they found that two thirds of people are still not receiving…

  • 30Nov

    Tech revolution is coming to healthcare

    This article, in the Guardian by Richard Vize, explores how smartphone techology provides the best opportunity to get healthcare information, support and access into the hands of the people who need it most. It argues that instead of signing up those who wear a Fitbit to their pilates class, GP apps should be turned into…

  • 9Nov

    Report on trends in digital health tools

    The IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science (IQVIA) have published a report examining trends in digital health tools, including apps and wearable sensors. Over 318,000 health apps are now available on top app stores worldwide with more than 200 health apps being added each day. The report examines trends in three areas — innovation, evidence…

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