• 12Apr

    Systematic Review: Health-Related Internet Use by Children and Adolescents

    The objective of this systematic literature review, published in JMIR, was to examine the phenomenon of children and adolescents’ health-related internet use and to identify gaps in the research. The internet is widely used by children and adolescents, who generally have a high level of competency with technology. Thus, the internet has become a great resource for supporting youth self-care and health-related services. However, few studies have explored adolescents’ internet use for health-related matters.

    Interesting patterns in adolescents’ health-related internet use, such as seeking preventative health care and specific information about medical issues, were identified. Quantitative studies reported rates of the internet use and access among youth, and the purpose and patterns of health-related internet use among youth were identified. A major objective of health-related internet use is to gain information, but there are inconsistencies in adolescents’ perceptions of health-related internet use.

    This study’s findings provide important information on how youth seek information and related support systems for their health care on the internet. The conceptual and methodological limitations of the identified studies, such as the lack of a theoretical background and unrepresentative samples, are discussed, and gaps within the studies are identified for future research. This review also suggests important features for potential Web-based health interventions for children and adolescents.

    J Med Internet Res 2018;20(4):e120
    Park E, Kwon M
    Health-Related Internet Use by Children and Adolescents: Systematic Review
    J Med Internet Res 2018;20(4):e120
    DOI: 2196/jmir.7731
    PMID: 29615385

    Read the full article here: http://www.jmir.org/2018/4/e120/