• 7Aug

    Study examines what older people would ask a robot for

    A new qualitative study aims to understand the needs, preferences, and views on information communication technology (ICT) of some prefrail older people who live alone.

    In particular, the authors wanted to explore their attitude toward a hypothetical caregiver robot and the functions they would ask for.

    They believe ICT, particularly robotics and domotics, could play a pivotal role in ageing, especially in contemporary society, where relatives are not always able to accurately and constantly assist the older person.

    The study found among the older people who described their relationship with ICT as negative, many used it in everyday life.

    Referring to robotics, the interviewees appeared ‘quite open-minded’. In particular, robots were considered suitable for housekeeping, for monitoring older people’s health and accidental falls, and for entertainment.


    Daniele K, Marcucci M, Cattaneo C, Borghese NA, Zannini L. How Prefrail Older People Living Alone Perceive Information and Communications Technology and What They Would Ask a Robot for: Qualitative Study. J Med Internet Res 2019;21(8):e13228. DOI: 10.2196/13228