• 31Aug

    Students starting secondary school urged to get to know their school nurse

    Students starting secondary school this September are being encouraged to get to know
    their school nurse so they know where to go for help and advice when they need it.

    For some parents and young people, the start of the school year can bring anxiety and
    worry, especially when students are starting a new school and/or making the transition
    to secondary education.

    The school nursing service has a crucial role in improving the physical and emotional
    health of children and young people. The service has been working with young people –
    supported by the British Youth Council and North West Regional Youth Work Unit – to
    design eye-catching materials to promote the range of services available from school
    nurses and how to access them.

    The following materials can be downloaded, to produce posters or factsheets.

    • Your School Nursing Service presentation to introduce the service with notes for the  presenter
    • Your School Nursing Service poster for online downloading
    • Your School Nursing Service poster for professional printing

    There is also a  presentation about the school nursing service that can be adapted by schools to use in  assemblies or parents’ evenings.

    A number of tips for parents and young people have been issued on how best to use the  school nursing service to smooth the transition to a new school.

    These include:

    For young people

    • Make every effort to find out who your school nurse is and how to get in touch with  the team.
    • Find out what services the school nursing team offers in your school including when
    • they can be seen and where they can be found.

    For parents

    • If you have specific concerns about your child’s health and are worried about how they  will be supported at school, talk to your health visitor or GP. They can organise an  introduction to the school nurse before the term begins.
    • Talk openly to your child about their health and development and how to keep healthy.
    • As your child gets older, they might find it embarrassing to talk to you about puberty  or may want more independence. The school nurse offers a confidential and non- judgemental service.