• 7Oct

    How to strengthen your approach to user feedback

    The King’s Fund has published a report, User Feedback in Maternity Services, that draws out key lessons to strengthening the approach of health services to user feedback.

    The report is based on experiences in maternity services and suggests that those seeking to strengthen their approach to user feedback should:

    • Develop a clear view of the value and purpose of user feedback that staff throughout the organisation can support
    • Ensure that feedback is not only collected but also acted on, so that staff and service users remain engaged in feedback activities
    • Seek participation from (maternity) service users at all stages of the feedback process, from the development of collection tools to the design of service improvements
    • Devote sufficient time and resources to the collection and analysis of user feedback, and translate this information into action.

    kf-user-feedback_cover_imageLillie Wenzel, policy fellow at The King’s Fund, said: ‘User feedback is crucial for helping organisations to gain insight into the experience of those who use their services and, through that, to understand the quality of their services. As well as helping to shape service improvements, listening to and acting on user feedback encourages a sense of responsibility and pride among staff in the services they deliver.”

    Sarah-Jane Marsh, Chief Executive of Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Birmingham Women’s Hospital, and Chair of NHS England’s Maternity Transformation Programme Board, said: ‘True transformation of maternity services can only be done by listening to women and families, and understanding their experiences.

    You can read the full report on the King’s Fund website.