• 8Mar

    Sign up for the Health Foundation’s research scan

    Every month, hundreds of studies are published about ways to improve the quality of healthcare. It’s important to keep up to date but it can be time consuming to find and read the latest research. The Research Scan is here to help.

    The Health Foundation scans all the studies about improving quality in healthcare and highlight research that might be most helpful and interesting for the people working to improve healthcare services. You can sign up for a monthly research scan alert and they will email you highlights at the end of each month.

    The research scan focuses on empirical studies that have the potential to support people in making a practical difference. The Foundation screens over 40,000 UK and international journals each month to find studies that are relevant to frontline teams and healthcare managers improve healthcare. They use bibliographic databases like Medline, the Cochrane Library, Google Scholar and Science Direct and  also search the websites of organisations working to improve healthcare quality, including the Department of Health, the Nuffield Trust, the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement and the King’s Fund.

    They extract research studies from four broad categories including person-centered care, which focuses on changing the relationship with professionals and healthcare systems to provide improved person-centred care. The search terms will include patient communication, patient involvement, patient empowerment, patient activation, self-management, self-care, self-efficacy, telemedicine, telecare, peer support, motivational interviewing, shared decision making, decision aids, patient held records patient engagement, health literacy, patient choice, patient preferences, partnership, person-centred.

    The Foundation considers the research scan as an improvement programme in itself, and are continuously looking to improve how it is presented and our selection criteria. We welcome any feedback, suggestions or comments on the scan; please contact impsci@health.org.uk.