• 4Dec

    Shared decision-making guideline: NICE starts scoping phase

    A scoping workshop to develop a guideline on shared decision making was held in London by NICE on 3 December. PIF attended the workshop along with representatives of patient and professional bodies.

    Earlier this year, PIF produced a draft framework document on health literacy and shared decision making for NHS England so we advocated for health literacy and digital literacy to be included in the scope for the guidance. We also pointed to the particular needs of young people identified by our consumer research report: Is Knowledge Power.

    Also of concern to PIF is how shared decision-making is recorded in the patient record, how shared decision making is measured, and its impact evaluated.

    Next steps in the process are to review the scope and appoint the committee. The committee is expected to have four lay members, double the normal lay representation on a guideline committee. The evidence reviews will begin next year, and the final guideline will be published in 2021.

    Read more from NICE about shared decision making here: https://www.nice.org.uk/about/what-we-do/our-programmes/nice-guidance/nice-guidelines/shared-decision-making