• 17Jan

    Right Care has launched 14 patient decision aids

    The aim of the Right Care shared decision making programme is to embed shared decision making in NHS care. This is part of the wider ambition to promote patient centred care, to increase patient choice, autonomy and involvement in clinical decision making and make “no decision about me, without me” a reality.

    Patient decision aids help people think about healthcare decisions in the context of their lives. They have written information that is accurate and balanced, ask questions to let you think how the treatment consequences might affect you, and summarise your reasons for choosing, or not choosing, an option.

    People who use decision aids say they understand the health problem and treatment choices more clearly, they understand why one treatment is better for them than another, and they can talk more confidently about their reasons for liking or not liking an option with doctors, nurses, friends and family.

    The decision aids cover conditions and procedures such as abdominal aortic aneurysm repair and screening, cataracts, lung cancer, prostate specific antigen (psa) testing  and stable angina.