• 24Jan

    Report highlights views of healthcare staff about their work impacts quality of patient care


    A report published by The Point of Care Foundation shows that the way healthcare staff feel about their work has a direct impact on the quality of patient care. The report, which reviewed evidence from a wide range of sources, highlights that patient satisfaction is consistently higher in trusts with better rates of staff health and wellbeing.

    The report also demonstrates there are discrepancies between what senior managers and staff think and say when it comes to how effectively their organisation supports staff and promotes high quality patient care:

    • Putting patients first: While 62% of NHS staff agree the care of patients and service users is their organisation’s top priority, over a third either disagree (17%) or neither agree or disagree (21%). In contrast, 95% chief executives who responded to a survey for the Foundation reported that a focus on the quality of patient care was either fully in place or mostly in place within their organisation.
    • Solving problems: While 74% of staff say they are able to make improvement suggestions, only one in four (26%) say senior managers act on them. CEOs, however, report that staff engagement is one of their top three priorities. 86% of CEOs surveyed by the Foundation are confident staff are able to raise concerns, the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development found that fewer than six in ten staff (58%) felt confident about doing so.
    • Listening to and involving staff: only one in three NHS staff (35%) say communication between senior managers and staff is effective. Whilst CEOs report that they prioritise staff engagement, nearly half (46%) of foundation trusts rely solely on the annual staff survey to formally canvas staff opinions.

    The full report can be read here.