• 9Feb

    Report explores issues surrounding shared decision making in clinical practice

    On 3 November 2011, the Royal College of Physicians hosted a workshop to explore issues surrounding shared decision making (SDM) in clinical practice. Their report, Shared decision making, captures some of the learning from the event and outlines key themes discussed and debated on the day.

    The workshop was planned in partnership with the Health Foundation and The King’s Fund. The RCP invited key theoreticians in the field of shared decision making, and leaders in national programmes delivering  partnership approaches to care, plus representatives from the medical royal colleges and specialist societies, to explore what this means both for patients, and for clinicians and their practice.

    The report includes discussion on the following:

    • What is shared decision making? Professional perspectives: from Jeremy Taylor, Angela Coulter, Dr Alf Collins and Dr Steve Laitner
    • Tools and techniques for shared decision making
    • Discussion and debate: emerging themes, including Patient activation, Time – needed and saved, Providing reliable information and The need for organisational and culture change
    • What can the colleges, joint specialist committees and societies do?