• 17Dec

    Realising the benefits of digital technology in health and care for disadvantaged groups

    Scottish Enterprise and the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) have published a report, ‘Realising the Benefits of Digital Technology’, exploring how to ensure that people living with long term conditions and disadvantaged by inequalities in health, are participants and beneficiaries of digitally-enabled health and care.

    The report shares examples of people-powered innovation and highlights the enablers and barriers which support and hinder Scottish businesses from tapping into the the ideas and life experiences of citizens. It asked what does this mean for Scottish businesses and what role does the third sector play?

    The following key themes emerged:

    The role of digital technologies in health and care – Developing health and wellbeing markets is about more than creating digital healthcare solutions. What roles do digital technologies play? What does citizen-led health innovation look like?

    Barriers and enablers to innovation – Sometimes good ideas remain just ideas. What stops them turning into reality and what can we do to foster innovation? Building design methods and principles into business processes and service delivery will play a vital role.

    Digital skills and capacity – Digital technology is woven into all aspects of the product development process. Linking digital and entrepreneurial skills is key.

    Getting participation right – Creating conditions that encourage participation is fundamental – understanding the environments and skills required for everybody to be involved in innovation is critical.

    This report was officially launched at the ALLIANCE December networking event. Click here  to read the storify from the event.