• 14Jun

    RCGP updates person-centred care toolkit

    The Person-Centred Care Toolkit has been developed with NHS England to support GPs and primary care teams deliver person-centred care.

    The RCGP Innovation team has updated the Person-Centred Care Toolkit. Updated content helps distinguish between Care and Support Planning and the wider subject of Person-Centred Care. It provides examples and resources around social prescribing, health literacy, health coaching and shared decision making.

    The RCGP has also produced a series of training videos.  There are six new videos on social prescribing and care planning that provide the perspective of GPs, patients and healthcare professionals plus case studies outlining the benefits of the different approaches.

    People with multiple long-term conditions account for about 50% of all GP appointments but the current 10-minute GP consultation doesn’t allow enough time to effectively address all health and well-being issues. The person-centred care approach gives people more choice and control in their lives by providing an approach that is appropriate to the individual’s needs. It involves a conversation shift from asking ‘what’s the matter with you’ to ‘what matters to you’.

    The Toolkit topics include:

    • Introduction
    • The Conversations
    • Social Prescribing
    • Health Literacy
    • Shared Decision Making
    • Health Coaching
    • The Consultation
    • The Evidence

    Find the Toolkit here: http://www.rcgp.org.uk/clinical-and-research/resources/toolkits/person-centred-care-toolkit.aspx