• 14Aug

    Public Health England reveals winning health apps

    Public Health England (PHE) has unveiled the 3 winners of the PHE Health X initiative, a competition aiming to bring inspirational technology to the public.

    Nearly 150 entries were submitted to PHE by early-stage tech businesses for the competition, which aims to transform the way the nation uses technology to monitor and improve their health, by making motivational health apps widely available for free.

    The winning apps are:

    • Fee fi fo fit

    An intervention product to promote positive changes in young people using a gameified reward system. The judges felt that it is beautifully simple and were impressed by how it targets children and families. Its developers showed a clear product roadmap and the product is simple, clever and visual.

    • Foodswitch

    Foodswitch is a smartphone app which provides consumers with nutritional information to help consumers make healthier choices when shopping. The judges felt it could help individuals make a real simple change and has huge potential – creating mindfulness in the consumer.

    • Youniverse

    A 28-day exercise and diet planner, which generates daily meal plans, shopping lists and exercise ideas. Again the judges felt the product has huge potential and demonstrates expertise of data.

    More details can be found here.

    Also this week, the Californian Healthcare Foundation announced the winners of their design challenge aimed at helping patients recognize, chronicle, and share information online about hurdles in their lives that impact health.

    The winning entries were:

    • First place ($5,000): Healthify. This web-based platform is used to assess patients’ social and behavioral health needs, to refer patients to appropriate resources to meet those needs, and to engage patients around social determinants through interactive texting. The platform provides dashboards for managed care plans and case managers to better manage the social needs in a population and to efficiently search for social services.
    • Second place ($3,000): Share4Care. This design prototype for an iPad app would enable patients to document stress levels and issues in their lives while in a clinical waiting room. The Share4Care app would then calculate a “Life Change Score” that would cue the physician to ask about factors that could impact the patient’s health.
    • Third place ($2,000): MyDay Media Messaging Journal. Patients use this web-based platform to document barriers to health through photos and text messages. The MyDay website and mobile app enable providers to view patients’ journal entries and follow-up to build patient-provider rapport, clarify journal entry content, and connect patients with resources.

    More details can be found here.