Making the Case for Information Executive Summary Download

The Executive Summary of the 2013 PiF report brings together the evidence for investing in high quality health information for patients and the public.

The Executive summary outlines the main findings of the report, which concludes that  there are good business reasons to justify the need for commissioners and providers to invest more resource (time, money and training) in health information provision and support.  The evidence shows that providing high quality health information is beneficial. It has a positive impact on service utilisation and health costs, patients’ experience of healthcare and patients’ health behaviour and status. Providing access to quality health information and support is crucial to unlocking what has been termed the ‘blockbuster drug’ of patient engagement. Patient engagement is vital to help people manage their health, make informed decisions about their healthcare, and mitigate financial pressure on the health service.

Evidence from the review points to the most effective ways of providing consumer health information and maximising its impacts, including information tailored to the individual which addresses health literacy needs and which is supported by health or information professionals.


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