• 8Aug

    Places available on first ‘Patients as Partners’ programme

    Patients as Partners in Co-design is a new initiative from The Point of Care Foundation that aims to enable organisations to improve services by working in partnership with patients and focussing on the issues that matter most to them.

    The six month programme, which includes training by experts and coaching by experienced practitioners, teaches tried and tested methods of enabling staff to work collaboratively with patients and carers to identify where change is needed, as well as the barriers and incentives for change. It is designed to support organisations through the change and evaluation process.

    Patients as Partners in Co-design can be applied to any service. On completion, participants will be equipped with the skills to teach others in their organisation to replicate and embed the patient-centred approach.

    To gain a place on the programme, each organisation must have a service earmarked for improvement and ready to be put through the Co-design process. Participants will be expected to lead a Co-design project within their own organisation as part of the programme.

    Participants on the programme receive:

    • Two days intensive residential training in the Co-design methodology led by experts in the field and experienced Co-design facilitators. Organisations should send two or three delegates to the training, ideally one will be a patient leader
    • Tuition in how to capture the experiences of patients, carers and staff through discussion, observation and filmed interviews
    • Practical instruction in how to prepare for the six month redesign project
    • A course manual containing comprehensive study materials and practical guidelines
    • A dedicated coach who has previously completed the process in their own organisation who will help with trouble-shooting and advice as the participants apply the methods for the first time
    • A one day follow-up session to evaluate success and learn how to teach other colleagues to use the methodology

    The programme builds on the Experienced Based Co-design toolkit, developed by The King’s Fund, and is led by experts and experienced practitioners in the field of service redesign.

    The first training dates will be 18th and 19th September, 2014. The cost is £6,000 for two delegates with a 30% introductory offer currently being offered. More information can be found here.